In-State Student Application to Take the Texas Bar Exam

Do not use the In-State Application unless you will be (or are) applying to the Texas Bar Examination for the first time and will be (or are) a non-attorney graduate of an ABA-approved law school in Texas.

Use this application only if your J.D. degree was (or will be) awarded by an ABA-approved Texas law school  and you have not been licensed to practice law in another jurisdiction.  Do not use this application if you have taken, or applied for, a previous Texas Bar Examination.

The Board of Law Examiners is pleased to provide eFast Direct (Electronic Forms Application Systems Tool).

It will be helpful for you to begin the process by reading the eFast Instructions and the Application Instructions. These instructions will assist and guide you as you complete your Application. After you have read the eFast Instructions and the Application Instructions, go to the appropriate eFast Direct link below.

If you are filing a Declaration of Intent to Study Law and an In-State Application simultaneously, please do not mail the forms separately. All forms and required documents should be mailed in one envelope to the Board of Law Examiners.  You may use one check to cover all fees. 

We hope that completing your Application through eFast Direct will be easy and quick! Please contact your Licensure Analyst at the Board's office if you have any questions during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting the Postmark Deadline

To meet a "postmark deadline," the Rule I(c) requirement is to have your properly completed and addressed application (or reapplication or declaration) and fees mailed with proper postage and then legibly postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service on or before the due date. We see an unusual number of deadlines missed due to using private "pack & ship" stores for mailing applications. These may work some of the time, but the typical problems that come to our attention include items returned to sender for improper postage or items postmarked later than the day the store promised. If that happens, it is very bad for you because you may have a store receipt for your purchase, but not the timely U.S. Postal Service postmark specified in the rule. An overnight courier service can be similarly problematic if the shipment does not arrive on or before the deadline date during normal weekday business hours. Therefore it is strongly recommended in the application instructions is for you to use certified mail, go to a U.S. Post Office counter and obtain a U.S. Postal Service certified mail "white slip" postmarked receipt as proof of timely mailing. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

Completing Your In-State Application

Create Account -- Begin by selecting Create Account. Your password is case sensitive and requires a minimum of six (6) letters plus one (1) special character. Make a note of your password and the answer to your security question. If you forget both your password and the answer to your security question, we will not be able to retrieve your account and you will be required to start the process over.  You may use the account that you created with your Declaration of Intent to Study Law.  For security purposes, your personal information is purged on a regular basis.  If you do not recall your Declaration account name and/or password, use this link to create a new account.

In-State Login -- Use this link to complete your In-State application.

eFast Direct FAQs

Paper application form  --  This option will allow you to print out a blank In-State Application. Print in ink or type your responses.

Get Acrobat Reader

You must provide your Law School Admission Council's (LSAC) Account Number if you are applying to take the Texas Bar Examination. The link for the LSAC account number lookup is If you have interacted with LSAC in any way, you have an LSAC account number. If you do not have an LSAC account number, you need to create an account by going to Your application will be returned if you leave the LSAC account number field blank. Only applicants applying for Admission Without Examination are allowed to leave the LSAC account number field blank.