Declaration of Intention to Study Law

The Declaration of Intention to Study Law form is to be filed by all persons who have begun their law study at ABA-approved schools in Texas to pursue a Juris Doctorate degree and who intend to apply for licensure in Texas.  Do not file this form until you have actually started law school.  Do not submit a Declaration of Intent if you are not (or will not be) applying as a non-attorney graduate of an ABA-approved law school in Texas.

Individuals beginning an LLM program at an ABA-approved law school in Texas are not required to file a Declaration of Intention to Study Law.

Information Presented to First Year Law Students During 1L Orientation

First-semester law students ("entrants") must file their Declarations according to the deadlines set out in Rule VI(b).  Failure to do so will result in a late fee as set out in Rule XVIII.  Late filing Declarants may file at any time prior to or concurrent with the filing of their In-State Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting the Postmark Deadline

To meet a "postmark deadline," your properly completed and addressed application (or reapplication or declaration) and fees must be mailed with proper postage and then legibly postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service on or before the due date.

We see an unusual number of deadlines missed due to using private "pack & ship" stores for mailing applications. These may work some of the time, but the typical problems that come to our attention include items returned to sender for improper postage or items postmarked later than the day the store promised. If that happens, it is very bad for you because you may have a store receipt for your purchase, but not the timely U.S. Postal Service postmark specified in the rule. An overnight courier service can be similarly problematic if the shipment does not arrive on or before the deadline date during normal weekday business hours.

Therefore it is strongly recommended in the application instructions is for you to use certified mail, go to a U.S. Post Office counter and obtain a U.S. Postal Service certified mail "white slip" postmarked receipt as proof of timely mailing. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

Completing Your Declaration


The Board of Law Examiners is pleased to provide eFast Direct (Electronic Forms Application Systems Tool). Please read the eFast FAQs,  the eFast Declaration Instructions and the Declaration Instructions. These instructions will assist and guide you as you complete your Declaration.

After you have read the eFast Instructions and the Declaration Instructions:

Sample Completed eFast Declaration - This document is a sample for reference only. Do not attempt to change information on this document or submit it for filing.

Get Acrobat Reader

Fingerprinting -- Declaration of Intent

You must provide your Law School Admission Council's (LSAC) Account Number if you are applying to take the Texas Bar Examination. The link for the LSAC account number lookup is If you have interacted with LSAC in any way, you have an LSAC account number. If you do not have an LSAC account number, you need to create an account by going to Your application will be returned if you leave the LSAC account number field blank. Only applicants applying for Admission Without Examination are allowed to leave the LSAC account number field blank.

General Comments Regarding the Declaration of Intent to Study Law

The initial questions should be self-explanatory. With respect to a contact person, this should be a person who should be able to contact you should the Board be unable to do so.

In the event that your specific question is not listed below, you may contact our office. When in doubt, complete the Declaration to the best of your ability, and outline your concerns on a Continuation Form. Read the general instructions carefully prior to completing your Declaration. The answers to many general questions are contained therein. When asked to provide specific information, provide the information requested.

When asked to sign before a notary public, make sure that you have done so, and that the notary has signed everywhere he/she was supposed to. If you are a notary public, you are not permitted to notarize your own Declaration.

Documentation that must be obtained from third parties is given a thirty day grace period. This does not include Continuation Forms, references, Civil Litigation Forms, or Criminal History Forms. Refer to your general instructions and to question 21.

Question 1. Include maiden name, if applicable. There is no need to include nicknames. Any alias that might appear on an official document should be listed here.

Question 2.a. Write n/a if not applicable. At least one should be applicable.  For purposes of providing a legible, signed copy of one's application to law school, an electronic signature will suffice.

Question 3.b. Based on the phrase "any form of probation", dismissal or probation for strictly academic reasons does warrant a 'yes' response.  Declarants are not required to provide copies of transcripts unless specifically requested to do so by their analyst.

Question 5a.  How do I respond on the employment history section of Board forms if:

a. an employer is no longer in business?

You should enter the phrase "No longer in business" on the line for the supervisor's name, instead of listing the name of your supervisor.  Enter the last known address for the business.

b. my immediate supervisor is no longer employed by an employer?

You have a choice:  either list the name of another supervisor still employed by the employer who will be able to respond to an inquiry from Board staff as to your honesty, etc; or, list the current address for your former supervisor, wherever that person is now; or, if neither is a viable option, state "personnel department".

c. I cannot locate any documentation that indicates the exact dates that I was employed?

List the approximate dates, but indicate that they are approximate.

d. I was employed in a non-paid, intern-type position?

You should list such employment situations.  The staff of the Board will elicit responses as to your honesty, etc., so the fact that you were not paid is not important.

Question 5b. Include all information requested.

Question 6. Make sure you attach a Continuation Form with the details requested. The DD214 must indicate character of service (honorable, general, etc.).

Question 7.  For proof that you are in compliance of Rule II(a)(5), please provide the documentation requested in your Declaration of Intent to Study Law. For information about obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate (U.S.-born Declarants only), it is recommended that you locate the official website of the state of your birth. For Texas-born residents, that site is . Most (but not all) other states have similar addresses. For American citizens born abroad, visit for more information.

Question 9.a-f. Remember to attach Continuation/Criminal History/Civil Litigation Forms as necessary. Attach separate forms for each item. You must reveal all criminal history (except as noted in your Declaration) even if you have been told that you do not need to.   See also the Board's Character and Fitness page.

Question 11.a-b. Read the paragraph before answering the question. If necessary, consult your health care professional. Provide the information requested.

Question 14.a-b. If there is any doubt about your present credit situation, obtain a current credit report. If you later learn the credit report indicates information that contradicts information provided by you with your Declaration, you must notify the Board immediately in writing, and also provide a current copy of your credit report.

Question 15.a-c. Include Continuation Forms as applicable. Include specific tax years, balances owed, pay history, contact information of applicable creditors, and your present intentions regarding any outstanding balances.

Question 16.a-b. Do not include law schools to which you have applied. Do include any state agencies similar to the Texas Board of Law Examiners with which you have previously filed documentation.

Question 20. If you have not provided all required documentation, attach a list of said documentation. Read the general instructions.

If your specific question was not adequately answered above, you may call the Analyst who will process your Declaration. Contact Us.